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Meet Our Family


Paul Katz, the President and Co-Founder of Sapphire Pools, has been in the industry for over 15 years.  Paul started working on pools at the age of 17 for his uncle's pool company. With a wealth of experience, he decided to receive all of the licenses needed (and more) to open up his own business.  


As a father, he understands the importance of safety both in and around pools.

He will treat your pool and surrounding area as though his own kids would be joining your party!

Michelle Dam, the Co-Founder and Manager of Sapphire Pools, has lived in New Canaan, CT for over 20 years, and is intimately familiar with the level of expertise needed to service both Fairfield County and Westchester County. A busy Mom of 2 adorable children, she spends her days managing her active family, and Sapphire Pools as it relates to customer service, marketing and sales.


Meet our Mascots 


Savannah (aka Baby Pterodactyl) is the company’s secret weapon.  Our very own kryptonite...  When you meet her, your heart will melt and all you'll find is yourself saying "Yes". Don't let that smile fool you...her personality packs a fun punch that might just knock you out.


Benny (aka Clark Kent) doesn't only look the part, but plays it too.  With the heart of a curious explorer he often forgets to break out his cape, and gravity takes over.  Good thing he is strong like Super Man because this little bruiser is as tough as nails, and rarely sheds a tear.


Jaiden (aka Speed Racer) is a surfer dude, who has the need for speed. He’s been on about everything built on wheels from the moment he could pick himself up. There isn't anything he won't ride, and the faster the better.  His caution has kept him from broken far. He’s pretty much the most adorable, big brother any parent or sibling could ask for.